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Las Vegas, Nevada

It will take some effort, but it's well worth your time, and you'll never, ever waste valuable time or play any guessing games with anyone ever again.

Read On if you're ready to learn about what's really important to your long-term success.

In just a moment, I'm going to share with you some important knowledge about why so many people who try to get a job in Las Vegas cannot figure out why their phone doesn't ring, or why they get no response from the companies they've applied at.

Let me first say that I know what it's like to be out of a job and to feel like no matter where you turn, it seems like no one cares, perhaps something is wrong with you.

You wonder why you rarely get a call back or even a simple response from the employer of the job you've applied for.

I remember when I moved to Las Vegas over ten years ago. After putting together a real nice resume, cover letter and having plenty of good references, I applied to 17 different companies here in Las Vegas.

I was shocked to find out that none of the companies phoned me back or sent me back a reply.

It was very frustrating wondering what the heck was going on. Was it the economy? Was it because I was from California? Or perhaps might it be that I was overqualified? What was at the root of the problem?

To make matters worse, it dawned on me that I had been applying for work now for more than 40 days and the clock was ticking. So I went back to the basics, spending dozens of hours tweaking my resume, applying online, snail-mailing and e-mailing employers for an interview, but still, nothing changed.

I then attended two job fairs, handing out my resume to dozens of employers who were there to find qualified employees.

One week later, I get two postcards in the mail thanking me for applying and stating, "We have received your resume and appreciate you applying for employment at our company.

We will retain your contact information on file. Have a great day.

Sound familiar? Despite all of these strategies, I was still out of a job. Make no mistake about it, I had bills to pay, mouths to feed and a car payment.

I then went back to the drawing the board and made some fundamental changes to the strategies I was using. To add to that, I also made a valiant effort to speak with other people I knew and trusted to ask them for knowledge about what it takes to get interviewed and hired for a job in Las Vegas.

I listened closely, took notes and tried some new approaches to communicating, new approaches to whom I was visiting, when I was visiting them and what I said to them... and BINGO, I landed a job. I was employed.

I could not believe how simple it was and what I was overlooking that forced interviews and landed me a real job. From that point forward, I vowed to never repeat the vicious cycle I'd put myself through and to apply the knowledge that really works.

Are you aware that virtually everyone who comes to Las Vegas goes through an incredibly tough time finding employment - unless they have the correct approach, strategies and tactics to distinguish themselves from other, similar job seekers?

Do you know that most people who apply for work in Las Vegas are doomed from the very beginning, yet they do not know it until months, sometimes years later?

Let me ask you, do you know for sure that you are performing the correct activities, applying useful strategies and using smart tactics to increase your chances by up to 500% of landing a job?

How many useless HOW-TO products have you purchased that claim to help you land a job in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Have they worked for you? Are you being interviewed by numerous employers, and have you achieved success way beyond your expectations?

Your time is extremely valuable, and you can't afford to continue playing the job hunting guessing game.

You've probably heard people say, "Go here and apply; go there and attend. Try this, try that." Yet you've still not found what you were looking for.

The problem is, virtually all these approaches will never get you the interview. And even if you did get the interview, you probably have a one in 10 chance of getting hired.

In fact, if you were told the truth, you'd effectively become a direct competitor to many of those same people telling you to do this and do that.

Stop poking holes into the dark! Are you following the herd? Most people are, and they'll never succeed, no matter how smart they are or how hard they try to land a good-paying job here in Las Vegas.

Are you just buying information, or are you using valuable knowledge you can apply immediately and witness (in real time) with your own eyes, what informed people are doing to land a real job and then further this knowledge and take their career on to the next level?

You don't need how-to books or the super fancy resume and cover letter. You need knowledge based on a proven system that works, regardless of what you do or where you plan to land a job.

In this Information Age era, we are a people drowning in information, yet starving for knowledge to achieve meaningful goals in our lives.

Are you drowning in information that's getting you nowhere real fast? Are you continuing to apply for jobs, but still wondering why you're struggling to get interviewed and/or hired?

Far too many of you waste so much time focusing on the wrong activities and do not know what other, informed, job seekers are doing to slip right by you and get the job you thought was going to be yours.

The fact is, even with the nice resume, appropriate dress and work experience, you will still have a tough time landing a job in Southern Nevada.

What you should consider is what works, and I'll give you the knowledge you need to succeed beyond expectation.

Learn Real Secrets Only a Handful of Honest Las Vegans Know About and Who Actually Want You to Succeed in Your Quest to Find a Good Job in Las Vegas.

What if you could immediately find out what it is that numerous individuals are doing to plan for and land a good-paying job without jumping over unknown hurdles and wondering why they don't get called back for an interview?

I want to show you how people are applying proven principles that truly distinguish them from the herd of others who are virtually guaranteed to never find a good-paying job in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever sat down and talked with someone who has been through the job-hunting process, failed numerous times and then finally hit the nail on the head with what works, explained in detail why it works and what you can do from this point forward to apply this knowledge for the rest of your life?

What is it that they've done, even though you know that you have a better resume, are more qualified and bring more value to an employer than they do?

Why did they get the interview - and ultimately the job - you should at least have had a chance at interviewing for?

Learn the Exact Job-Landing Strategies That Have Nothing to Do With Your Resume, Internet Job Web Sites, Cover Letters or Any Conventional Methods the Herd of Job Seekers Follow to Locate Jobs in Las Vegas.

If you are doing the exact same things I used to do before the lights finally came on, Stop Right Now!

The fact is - You're Halfway There: You just need to make a few changes and the lights will come on.

"Michael, you've shown me that there is much more than following the herd that I never knew about. Once I had congruency between strategies and tactics, everything changed. Thanks for sharing your knowledge." - James Parson, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

On another note, I want you to think about something that many job seekers continue to tell me about Las Vegas. They say that everyone tells them that Las Vegas is a "WHO YOU KNOW TOWN."

Wrong! Let's clear the smoke right now. Yes, it's true that you benefit if you know people in Las Vegas. However, this mindset can kill your chances of landing a real job faster than you thought possible.

Why? Because it only represents a small fraction of the proven system you can use starting today.

Far too many people assume they'll figure out what's important in landing that dream job if they continue to apply at more companies, attend more job fairs and get the word out to as many people as possible.

Honestly, there is a much easier way to do this. What you really need isn't information. You need a proven strategy that delivers results!

You need a proven strategy that's time-tested, because it's been used and applied by people willing to listen and learn what works both online and offline.

Apply the Real Secrets Virtually No One Will Ever Share With You About Las Vegas Jobs and Employment.

Honestly, you can continue on the same course, and you may land a job. More power to you. But for most people, finding a good-paying job in Las Vegas is very hard.

Just think if you could tap into a system along with numerous resources that have been proven to work, actually go to work for you and are only available through someone who is a radio show host, has hired hundreds of employees and knows the formula to increasing your chances of landing a job by 500%.

I've had the opportunity to work with many job seekers and have discovered exactly what it is they're trying to, what simple changes they need to make and how to finally make it happen.

I'll teach you exactly what you need to know to outsmart 99.75% of the people you are competing with to locate and land the same job you're looking for.

Las Vegas, Nevada

When the lights come on, you'll see the truth behind:

  • What strategies really work and how you can apply these strategies starting next Tuesday or this coming Saturday.
  • What tactics work and how you can apply them before, during and after the job interview to literally crush out other, competing job candidates.
  • How to position yourself years ahead of competing job candidates with laser-beam accuracy; even if you don't currently live in Las Vegas.
  • Learning about a powerful resource contact list that is continually updated with the exact information you've wanted but could not find on Web sites, at job fairs or with other communication media.
  • Utilizing the power of congruency and what you can do to blend together strategies and tactics to increase your chances of landing a job by more than 500%.
  • How to significantly improve your resume, cover letter and approaches to potential employers.
  • Why you should never, ever follow the herd and waste time on jobs that you have little or no chance of landing.
  • What you should really be doing to make it in this ultra-competitive job market.

Note: You will not be coming to one of those bogus seminars or stupid, be-your-own-boss, make- your-own-money events - not even close. I have no hidden agenda; my goal is to give you the knowledge, insights and systems you need to succeed.

"Michael, I'm far from being disappointed in any way with your system. I found the information it contains invaluable, and you've made me aware of many pitfalls I've made in the past. This system has made what could otherwise have been a painful experience, into a much more pleasurable one." - Michael Chipchase, Las Vegas, NV

Did you also know that many jobs posted online are already filled, and you are just helping companies out by applying for the job? Yep, that's exactly what you are doing!

Their primary goal is to get more job applicants and meet quotas for candidate applicants that serve their interest, not yours. This may come as a shock to you, but it's true.

Your time is extremely valuable, and you will learn once and for all how to close the gap on your job-seeking campaign - guaranteed!

Learn Why You May Be Helping Companies Make Money and
Why You are Just One of Thousands of People Investing Your Time and Resources
Yet Will Never Get a Response or Even a "Thank-You"
Notice From a Prospective Employer

Here are some important things you should know:

The vast majority of job seekers waste their time and actually help Web sites, employers and other special-interest groups profit every time they apply online or submit a resume to them.

The vast majority of job seekers remain clueless as to what's going on, why opportunities never fall in their favor and what they can do to know once and for all if a company is really hiring, who they are looking for and what can be done to get the interview and land the job.

The vast majority of job seekers will be in for a big surprise when they come to find out they have actually been used for other means rather than seriously considered for a job.

The vast majority of job seekers, in effect, help other, competing job seekers land the exact same job they applied for. The vast majority of job seekers wish they never listened to others about what's available, who is hiring, what to expect and how to approach a company landing a job is the goal.

The vast majority of job seekers actually are halfway through with what needs to be done to land the job they are looking for; but the other half are well within reach of that job, if they were to only ask.

The vast majority of job seekers don't know there are resources available to them comprised of a virtual army that will go to work for them and locate jobs that are in demand (no, it's not staffing agencies or recruiters; it's far from that).

Do you understand the seriousness of these issues with regard to finding a job in Las Vegas?

Do you believe me when I tell you you're wasting time and resources when you follow the herd of competing job seekers?

Please make no mistake about it, I have been in your shoes and understand your pain. I never, ever want my clients to go through what I did. It was so frustrating and such a waste of time, money and resources.

If you're one of these people who've been let down or disappointed with your job search, please know I'm here to help you. The last thing I want to happen to you is to see you get involved in chasing a dream with someone or an employer who, in reality, couldn't care less about your long-term success.

The value I bring to you is that I truly want to see you succeed. When you have the knowledge that'll put you light years ahead of the competition and get you on the path to success, I'll know I've done the right thing to help you.

What's important to you is that you'll witness in real time what it is that people just like you are doing to position themselves apart from competing job applicants and that you will create an army of assistants who will look out for you, regardless of your education or previous work experience.

You must eliminate the guessing game when it comes to knowing what course of action to take when you decide to make some slight, yet incredibly important changes and see what other people are doing to land a good-paying job in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Michael, you're absolutely right! The light came on in just two hours! I finally understand what I should have known all along. I can't thank you enough for saving me years of time and wasting money on HOW-TO books and products I really didn't need." Kennon Fort, York, PA

We'll go into great detail about what's critical for your long-term success and prove this knowledge works so you can witness the truth.

Here are Some Numerous Benefits You'll Receive....

  • A Five-Step Process That Changes Everything... Follow These Steps and Strategies, and You Will Instantly Eliminate the Guessing Game When Looking for Employment in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Real Trade Secrets That Successful Las Vegas Job Seekers Use Time and Time Again, Long Before the Internet Came to Life and Las Vegas Boomed.
  • Discover Why Success is Not Determined by Who You Know, but by What Knowledge You Acquire From People Who've Been in Town for Decades.
  • What You Must Do if You're to Succeed in Finding Meaningful Employment, Regardless of Education Level or Previous Experience.
  • Why Virtually All People Who Look for Jobs Will Not Even Be Considered 90% of the Time.
  • Why Job Opportunities Will Be Awarded to Other, Competing Job Seekers Despite You Having More Work Experience, Education and Knowledge About the Position (This One Will Shock You!)
  • What You Must Do Before, During and After Your Job Search to Increase Your Chances of Employment by More Than 500%.
  • Real Tips and Tricks Used in Las Vegas That Work Over and Over, Regardless of What Industry You're Targeting or Salary You're Expecting... This is Knowledge You Can Start Using Immediately.

"This system is far better than a pension plan. Follow Michael Perry's advice, and you will promote yourself beyond just one job opportunity." - Dave Bromley

Plus you'll also learn...

  • About some very important free contact resources that will help you accelerate the job-search process.
  • About an event that happened to me by accident. It Changed Everything I Thought I Knew About HOW TO Find a Job in Las Vegas.
  • A Quick Start System you can use to identify qualified employers, distinguish the real jobs from the fake jobs and prevent getting burned by pass-through companies who will use you, then close their doors and rip you off.
  • WARNING! By the way, this is very common with sales jobs in Las Vegas.

  • Why the big herd of job seekers are wasting their time, money and efforts pursuing opportunities that have already come and gone.
  • What you can do to prevent years of frustration and never be fooled by anyone who claims to be looking for qualified job-candidates.
  • Why so many people are missing out on what's important to their success at the cost of others how have already landed the job you were applying for.
  • What you can do to start living the life you really want without buying into some joker's products or services that will make them rich and have you wondering what the heck happened.

And this is just the beginning. I'll also teach you...

"How To Create and Apply Strategies You Can Use Over and Over Again In your Quest to Land a Good Paying Job In the Industry of Your Choice"

If you think I'm leading you on to some kind of website strategy, email program, bizarre marketing techniques or press release strategies, you're dead wrong.

As a Senior Media Consultant, let me show you exactly what activities employers and job seekers use to clearly position themselves years ahead of the competitions.

If you don't have a resume or a clue as to what needs to be done, that's OK; I'll give a simple blueprint to get you jump-started.

The big issue people face isn't that they are not doing the right activities; it's actually much easier than this to understand.

Please know that everything I've talked about is well within your reach. I want to see you succeed like many of my friends have.

If you simply learn and apply what I've seen over the last 8 years, you'll immediately understand why everything I want to share with you works.

Once the lights come on and you taste success, you'll discover that it's not all your efforts and what you do. You'll learn a system that delivers results – guaranteed!

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